Bexley takes an Everyday Learning approach to staff learning and development believing in the 70:20:10 approach where 70% of learning happens through experience, 20% through learning from and with others and 10% occurs through formal and structured learning.

Learning and Development and Continuing Professional Learning within Adult Social Care is the golden thread in delivering sound, professional services. We believe we provide a sound framework of opportunities that enables our staff to Begin, Flourish, Excel.

Bexley Adult Social Care has a history of supporting staff towards professional qualification and a great track record in retaining those we support in this way.

We currently have 3 routes to social work qualification within Adult Social Care and we are looking forward to engaging with the new Social Work Degree Apprenticeship

  • Open University – undergraduate, part-funded route into social work via the Open University BA (Hons) Social Work Degree programme.
  • New in 2017; Open University – post graduate Diploma in Social Work.
  • We partnered the Think Ahead organisation in 2017 in a fast-track Diploma in Social Work/MA in Mental Health Services and expect our 3rd cohort to begin in September 2019 – we have recruited 2 NQSW’s from this programme and expect to recruit a further 3 in 2019.

Further information detailing the Adult Social Care Pathways please click here.

For information on Bexley’s Career Framework click here.

Professional Roles In Bexley

The new structures we’ve introduced mean you can look forward to improved career opportunities. They greatly improve the opportunities for a member of staff at the level of Social Care Assistant to qualify as a Social Worker or Occupational Therapist, gain professional knowledge and expertise, develop and meet clear Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plans within a framework that supports progress to a role as a Senior Practitioner. In Bexley, we expect our people in senior roles to provide leadership to their colleagues in terms of professional practice, and to share their expertise freely.

Management Roles In Bexley

In Bexley, we support experienced and highly performing staff to progress to management positions, which may include working across health and social care.


All Adult Social Care staff benefit from an approach to Induction that spells out what they need to know, understand and do within 6 months of joining us; the approach is jointly owned by the individual and their manager and includes supervision, shadowing, coaching, e-learning and face-to-face workshops.

Our Newly Qualified Social Workers find the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment provides them with a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop in their first year of appointment to Social Work.

For information about ASYE, Click here.

Bexley Coaching & Mentoring Academy

In this day and age it is the norm for all top sports and business people to have a coach; many consider it a ‘must have’ to maximise their inner potential and perform at the highest level. The Bexley Coaching and Mentoring Academy makes more than 350 Executive Coaches, Super Coaches and Mentors available to you to support and enable your career development, progression and high performance.

Continuing Professional Learning

In-house learning and development opportunities are commissioned in line with service delivery priorities and are currently focussed on strengths-based assessment and support planning.

All staff have access to a wide range of e-learning modules and resources via EVOLVE (the Council’s e-learning system), MeLearning (an e-learning portal also open to providers in the borough) and SCILS (an electronic information hub including individual workbooks, a newsdesk and a discussion forum, to name but a few).

Making Research Count (MRC) is an initiative facilitating the dissemination of research findings between academics, practitioners, carers and users in the social care field. We subscribe to MRC thus enabling all staff to access a number of current and varied workshops throughout the year; MRC also deliver 5 in-house sessions within Bexley each year – primarily in supporting our Newly Qualified Social Workers to continue best practice approaches of critical analysis, reflection and the application of theory into practice. Support workers in our Triage Hub, Rapid Response and Community Assessment and Rehabilitation Teams are expected to be able to assess and procure small aids and adaptations for those they are working with and therefore have access to an accredited Trusted Assessor Award.

We are preparing to create Social Work Apprentice roles leading to BA Honours Degree in Social Work (Level 6) within Adult Social Care; initially open to those already holding Level 3 qualifications we are also looking to create a pathway option for staff to undertake a relevant Level 3 Health and Social Care Qualification meaning those interested in applying to become Social Work Apprentices will have the opportunity to study at the required preparatory level as part of their continuing professional learning.