Our People


Director Pic4

Jacky joined Bexley is our Director of Children’s Services in February 2015 from Ofsted, where she was the Deputy Director for Social Care.



Allison is the Deputy Director of Children’s Social Care, she was appointed  in January 2018 having previously been in the post of Head of Child Protection & Family Services. Allison’s role in Bexley is to hold operational responsibility on a day to day basis across the whole local system for child and family social work practice including all social work managers, social workers and social work assistants.

MichelleMichelle Waldron

Michelle is the Head of Children with Disabilities, Family Wellbeing and Children’s Centres, she was appointed in October 2017. Michelle first joined Bexley as a Service Manager within Children’s Services. Michelle’s role in Bexley is to lead and deliver a high quality and effective social work service for children, their families and carers.


Jo CrossJo is the Head of Service for Looked after Children and Permanence, she joined Bexley in June 2017. Jo’s role is to provide a clear sense of direction, priority and purpose for the staff working in the service, enabling a strong commitment to the social work values of the directorate and to lead and inspire the highest quality social work practice so that all children with whom we work have the best possible life chances and future outcomes.


Staff Success

Watch some of our staff talk about successes they have had in their roles within Children’s Services here.

Watch our staff that have gone the extra mile in their roles with Children’s Services at Bexley, this video can be viewed here.