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Jacky Tiotto

Director Pic4

Director of Children’s Services

Jacky is our Director of Children’s Services, having joined Bexley in February 2015 from Ofsted, where she was the Deputy Director for Social Care. Jacky has overseen Bexley’s improvement journey during this time, culminating in the recent outstanding Ofsted rating being received in August 2018. Jacky is a keen advocate of innovative practice, encouraging the workforce to achieve collaborative, relational practice with children and families through the use of the Signs of Safety model – our practice framework.


Stephen KitchmanStephen Kitchman

Interim Deputy Director of Children’s Social Care

Stephen joined us on 29th April 2019 as interim Deputy Director for Children’s Social Care. Stephen has extensive experience in social care, having spent many years serving in South London authorities – such as Lewisham, Greenwich and Tower Hamlet


Fiona CisnerosFi Cisneros

Head of Service for Referral & Assessment, Family Support & Child Protection & Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub

Fiona is the Head of Families and Child Protection, Fiona joined Bexley in July 2018. Fiona’s role is to lead and deliver on high quality professional practice and an emphasis on effective performance management and leadership oversight.


Jo Cross

Jo Cross

Head of Service for Looked After Children & Permanence

Jo is the Head of Service for Looked After Children and Permanence, she joined Bexley in June 2017. Jo’s role is to provide a clear sense of direction, priority and purpose for the staff working in the service, enabling a strong commitment to the social work values of the directorate and to lead and inspire the highest quality social work practice so that all children with whom we work have the best possible life chances and future outcomes.

Lara Wood (003)

Lara Wood

Head of Service for Professional Standards & Quality, Workforce Development & Principal Child & Family Social Worker

Lara is the Head of Professional Standards and Quality Assurance, she joined Bexley in May 2019. She is the Principal Social Worker for Children & Families.  Her role involves collaborative working with children, families and practitioners, enabling continual learning, development and practice improvements. Lara is passionate about creating the right conditions for practice to thrive; enabling a high standard of direct work with children and their families to achieve positive outcomes.

Rosemarie ZaubzerRosemarie Zaubzer

Head of the Virtual School for Looked After Children. 

Rosemarie joined Bexley in April 2018.   Rosemarie’s role is to oversee the education of looked after children in the care of Bexley regardless of the geographical location of their educational provision, as if they are the Head of a single school.
To work in close partnership with other Local Authorities and schools where looked after children are placed to improve educational outcomes for them.

Staff Success

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