Health and adult social care services in Bexley face a complex mix of demographic change and rising demand. We’re addressing these challenges by transforming our services, working with core principles aimed at ensuring our residents enjoy the best quality of life.

Bexley Care was created on 1 April 2017 and brings together Oxleas health teams and adult social care teams. The local authority and Oxleas Bexley health care finances have been brought together so we have greater flexibility to use the combined finances where needed rather than be constrained by organisational boundaries. In this context Bexley Care provides the opportunity to improve a person’s journey by designing care around them.

As Bexley Care, we work in partnership with health colleagues to deliver services and seek to provide appropriate “joined up” care and support to people close to home. By responding to people’s needs early in the community, we can prevent or avoid admission to hospital. Also, following a personal crisis, we can help people to maintain or regain their independence and skills so that they can continue to live safely in their own home.

To view our Vision Statements for the future of Adult Social Care, which set out how the Council will work with residents, partners and providers to help people remain as independent as possible and exercise maximum choice and control over their lives wherever possible, visit here


Our focus for Adult Social Care is on enabling people to live as independently as possible. We give adults the freedom, the information and the support to make decisions and plans about their needs and care. Our starting point is to consider what each person can do for themselves and build upon this.


There’s increased recognition of the importance of early intervention and prevention in our work with adults. Our priority is to enable people to access information and support as soon as possible and prevent any problems from getting worse.


By working in partnership across health and social care, we can achieve better outcomes for residents and make best use of limited financial resources. Together with the NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group, we’ve established an Integrated Commissioning Unit, which will help ensure both the strategic alignment of resources and reduced duplication. We are also integrating our front-line teams with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to work together to provide services around our residents.


We recognise the rights of adults and family carers to make their own decisions. So where we agree to pay care and support costs, each individual is given a personal budget. Where we have concerns about the decisions they’re making, we always seek to discuss this with them so that they understand the potential risks involved. Our aim is to help them get the most out of life – and wherever possible, we respect people’s views and choices.


We recognise that it’s important to engage with people and involve them in discussions about their care needs, current and future. We are working with GP’s and other parts of the NHS, residents and the third sector to develop services that best fit the needs of our residents.