We’re offering a new way of doing things, integrating community services across health and social care. This integrated model will enable Bexley residents to avoid being admitted to hospital unnecessarily and also to leave quicker, once they’re medically able to do so. The teams also have access to a Consultant Physician in Elderly, General & Stroke Medicine for additional support and guidance. The overall outcome will be a better experience of care and better outcomes for each patient. Management of these integrated teams is joint, between Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and the Council.


A multi-disciplinary team operating at both Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Darent Valley Hospital and operating seven days per week working 8.00am to 8.00pm, the team provide rapid support to vulnerable people in the community and undertake holistic joint assessment of people’s health and social care needs, reducing the need for admissions into hospital or residential care.


The service is based on the main wards in Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Darent Valley Hospital. The team’s focus is on responsive and co-ordinated holistic, multi-disciplinary assessment of need, to enable safe and timely discharge, and proactively work with colleagues to arrange support including reablement and telecare, or into an alternative care setting for further rehabilitation, or care home where appropriate.


This multi-disciplinary team is based within the Meadowview Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital and also works with the reablement service at Sidcup Residential and Nursing Home. They provide residential-based assessment, rehabilitation, and a prevention and social care service to maximise people’s independence and help them to return home (for up to six weeks).


This multi-disciplinary community-based team provides rehabilitation, nursing, moving and handling, telecare and social care support to maximise people’s independence to remain at home safely. They work collaboratively with other professionals including GP’s, district nurses and complex care teams.


This multi-disciplinary team provides enhanced specialist support to people with neurological conditions including strokes. The team provides psychology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech & language therapy and reablement. They support discharge from hospital and community provision.


Based at the Civic Offices in Bexleyheath, we have two teams providing high quality assessment and social care service to adults with disabilities, older people with physical and/or mental health problems and their carers. Our focus is on working with people with long-term conditions, as well as undertaking safeguarding adult investigations.


The Adult Social Care Integrated Triage Hub provides a multi-professional screening service for all referrals received by Bexley ASC using a ‘see and sort’ solution-focused model of intervention.  It provides a Duty response for the Complex Care Teams and CART.  Working closely with Health colleagues and the Rapid Response Team, the Triage Hub will deal with crises and emergencies as they arise.


Currently based in Welling, the team assesses young people in transition from Children’s to Adults Services, liaising with Children’s Services, and colleagues in health, education and employment services. The team is also developing further Bexley’s Local College First programme which is designed to enable young people to remain in the borough, rather than go into residential provision.


Currently based at Civic Offices, the scheme recruits Shared Lives Carers within the borough so as to offer supported accommodation to vulnerable adults in the carer’s own home. The scheme has previously only received referrals for adults with a learning disability. The scheme is now developing further across all adult social care so as to also offer the service to older people, and adults with physical disabilities and/or mental health. The scheme is registered under the Care Quality Commission and is therefore presently inspected annually.


The Care Audit & Brokerage Team provides the statutory reviewing function for Adult Social Care. They review Residential Placements and all Community Care and support and provide the income recovery support for community services. They also administer the Brokerage function for community care, giving increased independence, choice and control to clients; this includes managed services, IB via Direct Payments, the Care Company and Prepaid Cards. The Brokers also allocate and commission preventative services that are spot-commissioned, with an aim to maintain clients within their own homes for as long as possible.


Mental health services in Bexley have been provided through a fully integrated mental health model since 2002. The tradition of strong partnership working continues with Social Workers seconded to Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

There are two mental health centres in Bexley where health and social care staff work in multi–disciplinary teams to provide a comprehensive secondary mental health service.


The Community Commissioning Team provides the statutory reviewing function for Adult Social Care. We review Residential Placements and all Community Care and support. We provide the income recovery support for community services. We administer the Brokerage function for community care, giving choice and control to clients; this includes managed services, IB via Direct Payments, the Care Company and Prepaid Cards. The Brokers also allocate and commission Preventative services that are spot-commissioned, with an aim to maintain clients within their own homes.


The Bexley Residential Commissioning Team supports adults with physical, mental or learning disabilities to access respite or day-care services; either by way of a commissioned service on their behalf, or where applicable, to support them in managing their own care package through the provision of personalised budget.

The team also commissions long-term placements in care homes, on behalf of those service users who meet the criteria.


The team work with a range of stakeholders to ensure that residential and community care and support services deliver safe, high quality, compassionate care that meets local and statutory requirements.


The role of this team is to take the lead in ensuring that London Borough of Bexley staff and partner agencies have the necessary knowledge and tools to implement the Safeguarding Adults strategy, and to comply with The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009. The strategy is approved by the Safeguarding Adults Board and aims to reduce the risk of harm from others to vulnerable adults, within the London Borough of Bexley. A major focus is to promote, within the Borough, a way of working that enables and empowers the person at risk to be fully involved in safeguarding themselves, where they wish to, and/or choosing the way in which measures to reduce the risk of harm to them are put in place. Another main role is to ensure that people who lack capacity, to make their own choices, are empowered and protected from harm or abuse of their Human Rights in all areas of their life. This includes carrying out DOLS assessments and where appropriate, ensuring that the authorisation by the supervisory body is granted and signed-off .

The above is achieved by the team providing information, leadership, advice,  training and support within the borough and to partner agencies, where appropriate, in the following areas: Safeguarding Adults at Risk; Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009.



The London Borough of Bexley has long standing and highly productive partnership arrangements for mental health with Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust. All social care staff are seconded from the Council to work for the Trust in multi- disciplinary teams providing high quality services in a number of teams.

In addition to the support offered by the Council, staff benefit from being part of a dynamic and well led Trust with all its considerable resources, including  comfortable working environments, sound training opportunities, mobile working  and positive relationships with health colleagues.

Wider staff benefits include flexible working arrangements and a highly professional organisational and development infrastructure.

Supervision and Continuing Professional Development are given high priority. With the right support, you can expect to develop your career by becoming an AMHP and Best Interest Assessor, Practice Education is also promoted with many opportunities to take on students and other staff in training.

The service is fully integrated. There are plans for even stronger integration ( with community services) from April 2017. Joining the service now will make sure that you are part of the innovative working model and can shape its progress.

Adult Community Health Services

Adult Community Health Services offer a broad range of care and treatment to local residents whether young or old. They offer support to some of the most vulnerable groups of patients – those with long-term conditions and on-going disabilities. Community services include health visiting, district nursing and a wide range of therapy services. They aim to:

  • Promote health and healthy behaviours – including supporting population screening and vaccination programmes
  • Promote independence in those with potentially disabling conditions
  • Deliver treatment in a community or home setting – avoiding hospital or residential care admission where possible
  • Support case management and disease management for those with complex long-term conditions
  • Support rehabilitation
  • Provide end-of-life care

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Shaping prevention and early intervention for Bexley residents

The Clinical Commissioning Group is working to further develop the way that non-statutory prevention and early intervention services are run in Bexley, and are engaging community and voluntary providers who may be interested in providing services that meet the needs of Bexley residents.

The Council and Clinical Commissioning Group are commissioning services that meet the following outcomes for Bexley residents:

  • Ensuring people have a positive experience of care
  • Delaying and reducing the need for care, support and admission to hospital
  • Enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions
  • Helping people recover from adverse events, illness and injury
  • Enhancing quality of life for people with care and support needs

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We also work in strong partnership with both the voluntary and private sector to provide a wide range of services, all designed to support our residents.

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